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Why the Floating Cap Display?

ArtFunction makes the things you love to collect better.  Better how?  Well, take a look around our site....Have you ever seen a skateboard deck floating off a wall with virtually no hardware showing?  Have you ever seen your favorite caps kept in a dust free environment that looks like they are behind glass yet still super easy to access?  Well this is all just a start....wait til you see what's next!

Introducing the Floating Cap Display.  Back in 2010, we were commissioned by NewEra to display all their pro skaters decks at their West Coast Headquarters.  While installation was happening they asked us:  "So, when are you going to have something for caps?"  Well, 13 years later we finally have an overnight success.  Dustproof, UV proof, IR proof, and it takes just seconds to go from "wear" to "display" and back again.  Your Cap game just got massively elevated.

(New release for 2024)

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hanging on a wall at various around the 18 month mark we determined the unprotected caps were a secondary air filter source that happened not to be plugged into anything.  As time went by the dust combines with more dust and eventually looks like granola was sprinkled on all the horizontal cap surfaces.  At this point we knew that our cap collection needed true physical barrier protection and that a simple holder or pinch mechanism would just turn your favorite caps into air filters.  Our pain is now your gain as your caps will look beautiful behind our glass covering aesthetic..... and they are protected from dust, UV & IR light waves that cause fading.  We already know you love your caps as much as we do simply by the fact you are still reading this description.  Now, for both our peace of mind, treat them with the respect and aesthetic they deserve.

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People love their baseball caps.  So, how in the world did they end up being stored on what we call:   "The Great Wall of crap"?  or in the closet aptly named:  "The Great Pile of crap"?

Our new Floating Cap Display changes all that:  100% Dust Free Protection combined with Archival Gallery Display along with a user experience that takes only seconds to go from your head to display and back again.  Cap Culture finally comes out of the closet.